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When studied properly, these laws are found to encompass a wealth of ethics and spirituality, which gives meaningful purpose to life.

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Rabbi Moshe Weiner
Overseeing Rabbi of the Institute
Rabbi Moshe Perets
Executive Director of the Institute
Dr Michael Schulman
Executive Director of Ask Noah International, the Institutes' USA Partner
Rabbi Assaf Studnitz
International Rabbinical Coordinator



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The 7 Universal Noahide Commandments 

1.Belief in The One G.d

One G.d, or Unity within Diversity, means the Knowledge that there is a Primary Being who precedes all beings and Directs the World according to His Will.

2. Honor and Praise G.d

To promote the value of a higher understanding of happiness and fulfillment in life, within the context of the development of social relationships and peaceful communicative capacities on the individual level, instead of focusing exclusively on material development.

3.Respect Human Life

To promote the value of Human Life and every aspect of it for every single individual by promoting the consciousness of interdependence in the success of human societies.

4.Respect Family Life

To promote the value of traditional and stable family life as being the fundamental and essential social unit for highest personal accomplishment and a functional society.

5.Respect for Other's Property

To promote the value of mutual respect in economic transactions in small, medium and large enterprises and all human economic activities.

6.Respect for All Life & 7.Establish Laws and Justice

To promote the safeguarding of life in general, including animal and plant life, and to avoid cruelty in general. To Promote the observance of the 7 Noahide Laws and establish Justice in your daily life.

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