The Mission

To empower human personal growth and hence bring society to a higher level of understanding of its essential purpose.

The Vision

Noah's Covenant of the Rainbow is a living heritage for Humanity.This makes the world into a better place.

Noahide Academy

Torah values, Academic knowledge and Professional Experience to achieve Excellent Educational Results.

Excellent Courses

The World's best Rabbis provide high quality classes for Gentiles in 6 different languages.


About the Courses

Student Registration and Admission to the NCLI Courses are made upon the criteria of sincerity and authenticity in learning in depth and fullfiling in practical terms the Divine Guidelines of the Noahide Code.

Our Courses are built in an intuitive and progressive way, so people who have never learned about the Noahide Code or those who are already practicing may benefit the utmost of it.

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A Message to the World

The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, says that the world will soon see the coming of the righteous redeemer Moshiach (the Messiah descended from King David) as promised in Deuteronomy and books of the Prophets. He urged all people to prepare by strengthening observance of their commandments. For Gentiles, this means the 7 commandments that apply to them: the 7 Laws that had been given to Noah for all his descendants. The Divine reward for observing the 7 Laws, learning their details, and encouraging their acceptance are an inheritance for all Gentiles. This advance will be made by all Jews and Gentiles working in concert along these two paths in a spirit of kindness and goodness.

Who We are

The Noahide Code e-Learning International Institute in Jerusalem provides excellent teaching, education and guidance to Gentiles from around the world, from whatever background they might be on the Noahide Code. Teach acts of peace, goodness and kindness throughout the world!Gentiles who truly live by and fulfill the Torah’s 7 Noahide Laws are granted a reward forever.

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Teaching - 90%
Networks - 75%
Study Groups - 35%
Communities - 15%
Rabbinical Network - 25%

Our Expert Teachers

Rabbi Moshe Weiner
Overseeing Rabbi of the Institute
Rabbi Moshe Perets
Executive Director of the Institute
Dr Michael Schulman
Director of Ask Noah International
Rabbi Assaf Studnitz
International Rabbinical Coordinator

Bnei Noah from Around the World

Get in touch with the World Noahide Community

And Become a Living Example of What G.d Expects from a Human Being!

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Wisdom Process

Re-framing the thinking process through Torah in order to acquire a new perspective on Reality.

Write it Down

By answering the multiple choice quizzes of the lessons on the different courses.

Expand your Knowledge

Become knowledgeable and be fast as a "lightening" in your decision making process.

Our Courses accessibility have been improved vastly

Come Experience the real Teaching on the 7 Universal Commandments of God for Humanity

Our Expert Teachers

Rabbi Moshe Weiner
Overseeing Rabbi of the Institute
Rabbi Moshe Perets
Executive Director of the Institute

Why us

What is the difference between a Jew and a Noahide?
How is the Noahide Identity acquired by a person?
How are Torah-based practical decisions acquired by a person?

The Institute's Features

Audio Classes

While you are walking or driving study by listening to the audio classes on the Noahide Code.

14 Live Courses

Get live conferences with the Rabbis of the Institute directly fro Jerusalem


Get your Noahide Code e-Learning International Certificates for the different Course's levels.

Seminares in Jerusalem

Join the 3 day Winter or the 5 day Summer International Noahide Conventions in Jerusalem.

Learning Path

Get access to your learning Path as a Ben Noah with our Noahide Learning Managing System.

Courses Online

Get access to the best Noahide Courses Online on your laptot.

Write to the Rabbi

Have a personal connection with one of the Rabbis of the Institute regarding your personal questions.

New Ideas

You are happly welcome to suggest new ideas to the Rabbis in order to start a local class or any other activity in order to develop your Noahide Community

In Case You Need Help

Ask the Rabbi

If you have any question in order to know how to start the learning of the Noahide Code you can contact us.

Need Support

If you need the assistance of a local Rabbi or explanations on how the Video and Live Courses work.

Check Forum

Check the questions and answers discussed in the Noahide Forum which will help you, as these are questions you generally have as well.