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Seven Gates of Knowledge
The foundation of all proper opinions and all proper traits in a person's behavior, as well as the purpose of all knowledge in general, is the knowledge of God, may He be blessed. Therefore, the first required step in the spiritual ascent of a person is to try to know God.
03 : 33
Beginners Course
God did not create the world for there to be chaos, but for peaceful civilization.” This unified purpose for mankind lies at the heart of the Seven Noahide Laws, which preceded even the Giving of the Torah.
04 : 09
Intermediates Course
At the end of this course you will have acquired the fundamentals of the religious parameters for Noahides according to Torah. You will also have understood the practical examples of the special permissions for the observance of logical Jewish commandments beyond the 7 Noahide Commandments.
03 : 21
Advanced Course
About the Course During this course you will learn all about the religious parameters regarding Bnei Noah's responsibility towards God and one's fellow man.  You will learn the essential basis regarding the Torah Study Parameters for Noahides. Then you will be introduced to the subject of Prayer and its importance for Noahides,  and go deeper into its laws and intentions. 5 Video Lessons Lesson Number Subject […]
03 : 26
Very Advanced Course
At the end of this course you will have acquired the fundamentals on the Laws of Blessings over Food and Drinks as well as on the refinement of one's Traits of Character according to Torah and the process of Teshouva or Repentance.
03 : 11

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The Rabbinical Council

Rabbi Moshe Weiner
Overseeing Rabbi of the Institute
Rabbi Moshe Perets
Executive Director of the Institute
Dr Michael Schulman
Director of Ask Noah International
Rabbi Assaf Studnitz
International Rabbinical Coordinator
Rabbi Shevach Zlatopolsky
Strategic Development
Rabbi Assi Harel
Institute’s Teacher
Rabbi Zalman Notik
Rabbinical Counselor of the Institute
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