Advanced Course

Advanced Course

Advanced Course

About the Course

During this course you will learn all about the religious parameters regarding Bnei Noah's responsibility towards God and one's fellow man.  You will learn the essential basis regarding the Torah Study Parameters for Noahides. Then you will be introduced to the subject of Prayer and its importance for Noahides,  and go deeper into its laws and intentions.

5 Video Lessons

Lesson Number Subject
Lesson 1 “Liability to Divine and Earthly Punishments”
Lesson 2 “Torah Study Parameters”
Lesson 3 “The Importance of Prayer”
Lesson 4 “Prayer Part I”
Lesson 5 “Prayer Part II”

After every Lesson you have 5 multiple choice questions to answer to be sure you got the main concepts.

5 Handouts

  • Be sure to read it before each lesson.

5 Audio Lessons 

  • To give your further insights on the subject of every lesson.

At the end of this course you will have acquired the fundamentals of the Torah Study parameters for Noahides as well as the theme of Prayer and spiritual connection to God You will get your Certificate by email if you pass with 80% or more and a special Badge if you get 100%.

You will then be ready to take the next course for Very Advanced Noahides on the Foundations of the Noahide Code -  Blessings, Good Traits of Character and Repentance and their practical application in daily life.

WishingIMG_2272 you a lot of success

in becoming a Hassid Umot HaOlam (Pious of Nations),

closer to God, by fulfilling His Will in an outstanding way Bezrat Hashem!

The pious of the nations of the world  are Gentiles who earn eternal spiritual reward by accepting upon themselves to fulfill the Seven Noahide Commandments and being careful in their observance, specifically because the Holy One, blessed be He, commanded them in the Torah, and informed us through Moses our teacher that Noaĥ’s descendants had been previously commanded to fulfill them.



  1. Lesson 2 : Torah Study Parameters

    Gentiles are obligated to learn all the details of their seven commandments as they are found within Torah – that which God prohibits and that which He permits for them – and to be expert in all their details.
  2. Lesson 3 : The Importance of Prayer

    When a person prays, he should clearly express his words to God with his lips in speech if possible, and not only in his thoughts.
  3. Lesson 4 : Prayer Part I

    This comprehension and understanding needs to be in a manner that causes the proper feelings toward the Creator, meaning love of God and fear of Him.
  4. Lesson 5 : Prayer Part II

    When a person understands that God is the Creator of everything and keeps everything in existence at every moment, and that God created all people so they should honor and serve Him, and then he meditates on the infinite greatness of God according to his ability and understanding, he will come to love God.


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