Intermediates Course

Intermediates Course

Intermediates Course

About the Course

During this course you will learn all about the exact religious parameters for Bnei Noah , including Maimonides explanation on the fundamental obligations and what a Ben Noah may observe further as a practical reward. Practical examples will be given on shabbat, charity, kosher and circumcision and what is the Noahide relation to these commandments. 

 5 Video Lessons

Lesson Number Subject
Lesson 1 “The making up of new religions”
Lesson 2 “Changing G-d’s Words”
Lesson 3 “Practical Examples”
Lesson 4 “Religious parameters for Noahides”
Lesson 5 “The Noahide approach to Shabbat”
  • After every Lesson you have 5 multiple choice questions to answer to be sure you got the main concepts.

5 Handouts

  • Be sure to read it before each lesson.

4 Audio Lessons 

  • To give your further insights on the subject of every lesson.

At the end of this course you will have acquired the fundamentals of the religious parameters for Noahides  according to Torah. You will also have understood the practical examples of the special permissions for the observance of logical Jewish commandments beyond the 7 Noahide Commandments. You will receive your Graduate Certificate by email if you pass with 80%  and a special Badge if you get 100%.  

You will  than be ready to take the next course for Advanced Noahides on the Foundations of the Noahide Code - Torah Study, Prayer, Blessings, Good Traits of Character and Teshuva and heir practical application in daily life.

Wishing you a lot of success in becoming a Hassid Umot HaOlam, closer to G.d, by fulfilling His Will in an outstanding way Bezrat Hashem!










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Course Intro Video


  1. Lesson 2 : Changing God’s Words

    Discover during this lesson how HaShem is counting also on you!
  2. Lesson 3 : Practical Examples

    A Gentile should observe these prohibitions out of human decency, and not as Divine commandments of their own.
  3. Lesson 4 : Religious parameters for Noahides

    Many prohibitions which are commanded upon Jews are obligations for Gentiles to observe based on logic, such as the prohibitions against hating others, taking revenge or bearing a grudge.
  4. Lesson 5 : Noahides relation to Shabbat

    If a Gentile abstains from weekday activities and makes a sabbath for himself, even on a weekday, he is liable.


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