Seven Gates of Knowledge

Seven Gates of Knowledge

Seven Gates of Knowledge

About this Course

Recognition of God's Existence and His Essential Unity

The foundation of all proper opinions and all proper traits in a person's behavior, as well as the purpose of all knowledge in general, is the knowledge of God, may He be blessed. Therefore, the first required step in the spiritual ascent of a person is to try to know God. 

Like the orchard and the inn that Abraham established in Beer-Sheba, this course sets out a spiritual and moral path for a Gentile (a Non-Jew) who desires to become righteous in God's eyes, and to achieve a closer personal relationship with God, our Creator. The ability to achieve this requires access to knowledge of the character traits and attitudes that one should cultivate in order to advance in this path. By entering into the "Seven Gates" that are explained in this book, it is possible for a person to reveal and nurture the "image of God" in which we are created. In response to one's own sincere efforts in this direction, he will be aided and blessed from Above to become a "servant of God."



  1. Lesson 2 : Recognition of God's Existence and His Essential Unity

    The ultimate mission and greatness of mankind is to gain understanding and knowledge of God, each person according to his own strengths and abilities.
  2. Lesson 3 : The Unity of God, His Powers & the Mistaken Belief in Independent Deities

    In all respects, the actions of God in His creation of all things are incomparable to those of a human.
  3. Lesson 4 : Divine Providence and Trust in God

    A true recognition of the existence of God in every detail of the world, and in every detail of a person's life, brings a person to a recognition of God's Divine Providence over His creations.
  4. Lesson 5 : Bringing Recognition of God into One's Heart and Actions

    It is the mandated service of a person to be close to the truth – to be close to God, may He be blessed, the Creator of all, in all his actions and ways.


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