The Truth of God

The Truth of God

The Truth of God

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It is written: “For a sun and a shield is Hava'ye Elokim.” The explanation of this verse (is as follows]: “Shield” is a covering for the sun, to protect the creatures so that they should be able to bear (its heat]. As our Sages, of blessed memory, have said, “In Time to Come, the Holy One, blessed be He, will take out the sun from its sheath, the wicked will be punished by it . ...” Now, just as the covering shields (i.e., conceals] the sun, so does the name Elokim shield (i.e., conceal] the name Hava'ye, blessed be He.



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  1. Lesson 2 : On the attributes of God

    He saw, however, that the world could not endure, [so] He combined with it the attribute of mercy," that is, the revelation of G‑dliness through the Tzaddikim and the signs and miracles recorded in the Torah.
  2. Lesson 3 : Revelation and concealment

    The name Elokim is the name which indicates the attribute of Gevurah and Tzimtzum, hence it is also numerically equal to hateva (nature), for it [Elokim] conceals the Supernal Light which brings the world into existence and gives it life, and it appears as though the world exists and conducts itself in a natural way.
  3. Lesson 4 : God's Kingship

    It is known to all that the purpose of the creation of the world is for the sake of the revelation of His kingdom, may He be blessed, for "There is no King without a nation."
  4. Lesson 5 : Simultaneous nulification and creation of the world

    The name which indicates the attribute of His Malchut (Kingship, Royalty), may He be blessed, is the name Adnut (Lordship), for He is the "Lord of the whole earth."
  5. Lesson 6 : The Name Elokim

    And "He fills all worlds" is the life-force which clothes itself within the created being.
  6. Lesson 7 : The Infinite Power of Creation

    And each power and grade [of the life-force] can create beings according to its level, even unlimited in quantity and quality, to give them life forever, since it is the power of G‑d which issues and emanates from the "Breath of His mouth" and there is no restraint [to Him].


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