Live Courses

About the Live Courses:


  • The Live Classes are given by a Rabbi directly from Israel or from the US by GoToMeeting or Skype Conference.
  • The Classes generally take place on Sundays ( but may be held on another day depending on the language)
  • Each Course contains 1 weekly Lecture and 2 hours of work-study.

The 14 Available Live Course *

(* Every Live Course starts as soon as 24 students are registered- exceptions may be possibly made )

Course 1 Fundamentals of Faith, the foundations of the Noahide Code. (START IN SEPTEMBER)
Course 2 Expertise in the Laws of Idol Worship
Course 3 NEW!!!  Expertise in the Laws of Honoring G.d's Name (START IN SEPTEMBER)
Course 4 Expertise in the Laws of Respecting All Living Creatures
Course 5 Expertise in the Laws of Respecting Human Life
Course 6 Expertise in the Laws of Family Unity
Course 7 Expertise in the Laws of Commercial Transactions
Course 8 The 13 Principles of Faith (Maimonides)  (START IN SEPTEMBER)
Course 9 The Gate of Unity and Faith (Rabbi Shneor Zalman of Liadi) (START IN SEPTEMBER)
Course 10 NEW!!!  Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge (START IN SEPTEMBER)
Course 11 NEW!!!  The Spiritual Path for Bnei Noah (START IN SEPTEMBER)
Course 12 NEW!!! Women’s Program on Education for Children (START IN NOVEMBER 2016)
Course 13 NEW!!! Noahide Leadership and Community Program (START IN JANUARY 2017)
Course 14 NEW!!! The History of the Noahide Code (START IN SEPTEMBER 2016)

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