Fundamentals of Faith : the Foundations of the Noahide Code

     9577551_lCourse Structure

  • Program Length: 24 weeks (September to February)
  • Number of Lectures: 24
  • Category: Online Live Lectures

  1.       Awareness of God; The Torah of Moses; Deniers and Deviators from the Foundations of Faith

  2.       Proselytizers and False Prophets

  3.       The Prohibition Against Making a New Religion or Adding a Commandments

  4.       Liability to Divine and Earthly Punishments

  5.       Torah Study for Gentiles

  6.       Serving God; Prayer and Grace After Meals

  7.       Sacrificial Offerings

  8.       Obligatory Moral Conduct

  9.       Repentance

      • Beginning: Sunday September 4th, 2016
      • Exam and Certificate
      • Room: GoToMeeting Online (Laptop or cellphone)
      • Registration Fees: $199.99 for the full program.

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