The Gate of Unity and Faith



Course Structure

  • Program Length: 12 weeks

  • Number of Lectures: 12

  • Category: Online Live Lectures




Chapter 1  The love and awe of HaSHem

Chapter 2 Creation ex-nehilo

Chapter 3 The sun at its rays, nothing else but G.d

Chapter 4 The sun’s sheath: The Name Elokim and Name Havaya

Chapter 5 In the beginning of Creation

Chapter 6 Havaya Hu Ha-Elokim

Chapter 7 Higher and Lower Level of Unity of HaSHem.

Chapter 8 The Oneness of His attributes

Chapter 9 Divine Wisdom and the secret of faith

Chapter 10 The power of Divine and human speech

Chapter 11 The 10 words of Creation

Chapter 12 The life force of living creatures

CERTIFICATE Teodor Todorov

Practical Details

  • Exam and Certificate

  • Room: GoToMeeting Online (Laptop or cellphone)

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