Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge


  • Program Length: 24 weeks

  • Number of Lectures: 24

  • Category: Online Live Lectures


  • The Image of God Within Every Person

  • The Perfection and Elevation of Mankind (Tikkun Ha’Adam)

  • The Perfection and Elevation of the World (Tikkun Ha’Olam)


THE FIRST GATE: The Gate of Knowledge of God

THE SECOND GATE: The Gate of Prophecy from God

THE THIRD GATE: The Gate of Serving God

THE FOURTH GATE: The Gate of Prayer to God

THE FIFTH GATE: The Gate of Personal Traits Desired by God

THE SIXTH GATE: The Gate of Being Tested by God

THE SEVENTH GATE: The Gate of Repentance to God

 CERTIFICATE Teodor TodorovPractical Details

        • Exam and Certificate

        • Room : GoToMeeting Online (Laptop or cellphone app)

        • Registration Fees:  $199.99 for the full program

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