Expertise in Monotheism


Course Structure:

  • Course Length: 12 weeks
  • Number of Lectures: 12
  • Category: Online Live Lectures



  1. The Prohibition of Idol Worship
  2. The Prohibition of Turning to Idol Worship
  3. Which Actions Make One Liable for Idol Worship
  4. The Service of Moleĥ
  5. Forbidden Statues, Images and Pillars
  6. The Prohibition of Creating a New Religion
  7. The Obligation to Eliminate Idol Worship, and the Prohibition of Benefiting from It
  8. Aspects of Idolatry from which Benefit is Allowed, and Nullification of Idols
  9. Objects Offered to Idols, and Decorations of Idols
  10. The Prohibition Against Aiding Idol Worshipers
  11. Practices that are Forbidden as Customs of Idol Worshipers
  12. The Prohibition of Swearing or Vowing in the Name of an Idol


Practical Details:

        • Beginning: Sunday September 4th, 2016
        • Exam and Certificate
        • Room: GoToMeeting Online (Laptop or cellphone)
        • Registration Fees: $89.99

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