Women’s Course on Education for Children



  • Length: 12 weeks
  • Lectures: 12
  • Category: Online Live Lectures






  1. The Seven Universal Laws of Noah
  2. Noahide Educational Materials
  3. Noahide Law Today
  4. Theories of Moral Development
  5. Social Learning Theories
  6. Cognitive-Developmental Theory
  7. Universal Moral Rules
  8. Culture and Gender
  9. Measurements of Moral Development
  10. Moral Education
  11. Are Children’s Moral Awareness and Reasoning Consistent with Noahide Law?
  12. Do Children Refer to Universal Moral Rules in Their Moral Decision Process?
  13. Determining What Is Right and Wrong When Faced with A Moral Dilemma
  14. Do Children Use Moral Rules or Principles in Making Moral Judgments?
  15. Sources of Children’s Moral Views and Perceptions


Practical Details

  • Beginning: Sunday September 4th, 2016
  • Exam and Certificate
  • Room: GoToMeeting Online (Laptop or cellphone)
  • Registration Fees: $199.99 for the full program.

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