The Jerusalem Noahide Academy

Who We are

The Noahide Code e-Learning International Institute in Jerusalem provides excellent teaching, education and guidance to Gentiles from around the world, from whatever background they might be on the Noahide Code. Teach acts of peace, goodness and kindness throughout the world!Gentiles who truly live by and fulfill the Torah’s 7 Noahide Laws are granted a reward forever.

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Teaching - 90%
Networks - 75%
Study Groups - 35%
Communities - 15%
Rabbinical Network - 25%

The unique expertise of our Institute Rabbis on the Noahide Code, combined with modern technological advances in communication, will provide a platform for working in collaboration with a network of more than 5000 Rabbis around the world. With the experienced  teaching and guidance of people in 5 continents on a daily basis that we will provide, this allows us to predict excellent results for the short, medium and long terms, in achieving our outlined objectives for 2017 and beyond.


Institute’s Methods

  • To Combine Torah values, Academic knowledge and Professional Experience to achieve Educational Excellent Results.
  • e-Learning and Local Teaching Programs to apply Torah values and promote highly functional families, communities and societies.
  • To establish how Torah values can address major social challenges around the world
  • Share Jewish Millenary Expertise in Social Values and how they can transform developing countries.
  • Our Learning Managements System Online allow us to take 100 students per Lecture or more at all hours from all places in the Globe from a computer or a smartphone.

1.      Education

2.     Research

3.     Publications

4.     Seminars

5.     Training

6.     Resources

7.     Advocacy

8.    Public relations


Institute’s 7 Directives

1 To Promote the Concept of Unity within Diversity, meaning the Knowledge that there is a Primary Being who precedes all beings and Directs the World according to His Will.  Arouse the consciousness of people that we are working together for the best interest of every single individual and in order for their needs to be respected their needs to be a recognition of a hierarchy of Knowledge.


2 To promote the value of a higher understanding of happiness and human life fulfilment as the development of social relationships and communicative capacities of the individuals instead of focusing exclusively on material development. Eliminating the contradiction between material and spiritual perspectives will allow a natural respect for higher values and the full expression of Humanities potential for Creativity.


3 To promote the value of Human Life and every aspect of it for every single individual promoting the consciousness of interdependence in the success of Human societies.


4 To promote the value of respect on economical transactions in small, medium and large enterprises and all human economical activities.


5 To promote the value of Family life as being the Fundamental and Essential Unity for a personal accomplishment and a functional society.


6 To promote the safeguarding of life in general of animals and plants and to avoid cruelty in general.


7 To promote the good governance based upon these 7 Universal Ethical principles with the nations of the world has it was Given by G-d at Mount Sinai to the Jewish people. Being G-d the One Who Contains all Possibilities He is the One Who can Contain in these set of Fundamental Universal Principles every single human Being in the full extension of his personality.


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